XXIII Capital_Meeting Room


When the founders of XXIII Capital approached us they had a particular image to present in their 1500sq ft of newly refurbished office space in W1.

Through a series of informal meetings we gleaned a good sense of the personality of the company and were able to design and build a space that conveys their point of difference.

Dealing in finance for the music, sports and entertainment sectors XXIII Capital needed not only to present a safe pair of hands, but also to show a human side.

Our solution gave them open plan team desking, cleverly planned to accommodate as much expansion space as possible, a reception and break-out area with memorabilia on display, a TV display wall, and a boardroom with a sense of gravitas. Combining light stained oak with dark velcromat and black powder coated steel gives a slick, professional and polished feel.

XXIII Capital continue to grow rapidly and we are now working together to refit another floor of the building.

XXIII Capital

XXIII Capital

XXIII Capital