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Beyond Collective

We created a stylish and flexible new headquarters for The Beyond Collective at 87 Weston Street.

The space has been designed for collaborative working and optimised for hot desking – so people in disciplines as diverse as creative, media, strategy and production can sit together and reap the benefits of sharing specialist knowledge.

By dividing the space into support spaces and Work Hall we allowed the use of the area to be as collaborative as possible.

Work tables that echo the wedge shape of the building are positioned within the main space and walkways at either side drive footfall down two pathways encouraging serendipitous encounters. The Perch, a bespoke shared worktable, is available for gatherings. There are also large areas given over to work review and presentation.

Through a combination of smart space planning and bespoke designed furniture we have created a workspace for the future of collective working.

Featured in On Office Magazine.