Fresh Space Fresh Thinking. How to GreenLoad Your Space

Plants in the office are motivating and inspiring. They have been shown to be a powerful tonic for great health and improved productivity. A well known study pioneered by Dr Chris Knight and a team of psychologists from Exeter University in 2014, concluded, after a decade of research, that employees were 15% more productive when their “lean” workspaces accommodated just a few common houseplants. Their visibility to everyone in the office being a key factor.
When used creatively, plants can also add a huge amount of personality to a brand. As workplace designers we’ve listened to the research. We’ve listened to our clients and although needs don’t often require botanical gardens, clever use and positioning of plants plays a key part in our designs.
Below is our mini-guide on how to GreenLoad Your Space; how to use plants creatively so your workplace can thrive.
plants in office greenery in workspace interior design

SGW Global planting greenery plants

1. Max out. Pile them up, group them together. Think of them as people. Build communities not individuals. More is definitely better with plants. One looks solitary, several happy! See how we achieved this for SGW Global.

2. Any space can accommodate plants. Look around you. Hang them high – position them low, on top, in the middle. In the kitchen, on a table, set on the floor, within nooks and crannies. There’s always a space you can find.

3. Be realistic. Plants require maintenance to look their best and quality planters to thrive in. And while there are some great plans out there which include maintenance when you hire or lease plants, this can also be a constraint.

If you can’t go down this route or need to respect allergies, good quality artificial plants can add a totally new dimension to your office. Be sure to have some real ones too, for the full benefits of planting. See more from one of our trusted suppliers Plant Plan.

4. Think outside the pot. Using artificial plants also means you can be more creative in the way you display plants. For our client, Wunderman, we have created a floating island of plants using cable trays suspended above their brand new bar.

5. Get close and personal! The humble pot will always have its place on your desk and we always encourage a few pots of herbs in the kitchen (you never know when you might need to sprinkle some on when hosting a party). There are some amazing designs out there.

plants cable trays suspended greenery

Greenery in suspended cable trays

plants in workspace office

Greenery planting in workspace office interior design